Author Topic: How to handle Join requests.  (Read 64759 times)


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How to handle Join requests.
« on: January 01, 2014, 05:20:23 AM »
This is what I use.  Decided to put it here so I can edit it and copy and paste it for future use.

Please copy and paste and edit it to make it your "own" if you decide to use it.

I encourage everyone who gets asked to copy their reply here, so they can have it ready for next time, and we can get ideas from other's works.

Yes, everyone wants to be part of Be Cool.  Here is how YOU can join us, someday.

Work hard.  Join the best guilds you can and keep working.

Check out the descriptions of the guilds.  If you notice on ours, we point out you need to join the Assassins first.  Kind of a probation guild for prospects.  If you shine there, then someday you too may be asked to join us. 

If you are above our lowest member and have proven yourself there, you can then contact our recruitment officer.  That will also be in the the description.  That too can change over time.

Good Luck!